Statement of sexuality

I am single at present and have chosen a celibate lifestyle. I pray daily for guidance and a desire to follow the will of God wherever it leads. If it is Godís will, I will be married someday to a woman and maybe have children. I donít look at pornography. Have never gone to a strip or other sexually orientated club. Never visited adult bookstores. Never indulged in any sexually oriented activity while on a training trip. I do have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Pinterest accounts but spend very little time on social media. Do not have cable, satellite, or Internet TV. I use an antenna to view local TV channels. I do not watch sexually provocative TV programs or movies. I listen to Christian music. I practice avoidance of sexual indulgences because the Bible's teachings are clear about God's desire for Christians to avoid sexual immorality. I practice what I teach clients and am an example for others that abstaining from sexual immorality is possible.

Joseph A. Williams


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