Driving Directions to:
Williams Christian Counseling
209 East Sunset Drive
Mayfield, KY 42066-3265

From Draffenville
  • Take Hwy 68 to the Purchase Parkway. Take the Purchase Parkway West to Mayfield.
  • On the Purchase Parkway just north of Mayfield you need to take exit #25, Hwy 45.
  • At the stop sign for exit #25 turn left on Hwy 45 south.
  • In Mayfield, Hwy 45 south will merge with Hwy 121 south. At the by-pass stoplight (Highways 45 & 121) keep straight ahead and do not take the Hwy 121 by-pass.
  • Stay on Hwy 121 south, don't miss the left turn on Broadway. This left turn is at the 8TH & Broadway stoplight.
  • Then just past the courthouse don't miss the right turn Hwy 121 south makes. This right turn is at a stoplight in front of the CVS at 6TH & Broadway.
  • Continue on Hwy 121 South about 0.8 mile from the CVS at 6TH & Broadway until the Hwy 303 junction.
  • At the stoplight junction, turn right or south on Hwy 303. This right turn is at a stoplight west of the tennis courts.
  • On Hwy 303, turn on the second street on the right named Sunset Dr. This right turn is just past McDonald's.
  • My home office is in the second house on the right. It is a brown house with a Williams Christian Counseling sign by the front door. You can park in the circle driveway or the large driveway on the left where a car is parked in a carport. Please do not park on the street. The pictures below show the front of the house and an aerial view.

  • If you find an error please bring it to my attention. Thank you, Joseph Williams
    Email: joseph@williamscc.org

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