Driving Directions to:
Williams Christian Counseling
209 East Sunset Drive
Mayfield, KY 42066-3265

From Dresden, TN
  • Take Hwy 118 North to Dukedom.
  • In Dukedom take Hwy 129 North to Pilot Oak.
  • In Pilot Oak turn right on Hwy 94 East.
  • Take Hwy 94 East to the Hwy 303 junction. This is about 5 miles East of Pilot Oak.
  • Turn left on Hwy 303 north.
  • Stay on Hwy 303 into Mayfield.
  • Continue straight through the stoplight at the south of Mayfield. You have about 0.8 of a mile before your next turn.
  • On Hwy 303, just after passing the intersection with the gas station on the right at Wyatt Drive, start counting the streets on the left.
  • Counting only the streets on your left you need to turn left on the 5th street. The 5th street should be Sunset Dr. It is almost 0.8 mile from the stoplight.
  • If you pass by the backside of McDonald's you just missed the street.
  • My home office is in the second house on the right. It is a brown house with a Williams Christian Counseling sign by the front door. You can park in the circle driveway or the large driveway on the left where a car is parked in a carport. Please do not park on the street. The pictures below show the front of the house and an aerial view.

  • If you find an error please bring it to my attention. Thank you, Joseph Williams
    Email: joseph@williamscc.org

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