Joseph A. Williams, LCSW may be an approved provider for your insurance company

Please call your insurance company to find out if outpatient counseling (also know as....outpatient mental health services) are a covered service and if Joseph Williams, L.C.S.W.(a Clinical Social Worker) in Mayfield, KY is a covered provider. Also find out what your deductible will be, your co-pay, your cost share, and get a pre-certification if required.

If you choose for your insurance company to pay for your services, your counselor will be required to report a clinically significant mental health diagnoses to them. On rare occasions, your insurance company may audit your counselor's records to see that your treatment was necessary for the reported diagnoses. If the auditor believes that treatment was unnecessary, they may deny payment for services. If the insurance refuses to pay for services, the client must pay in full for all services provided.

Your insurance statement/explanation of benefits (EOB) may read "negotiated rate", what it should actually read is "maximum rate your insurance has decided it will pay." Your insurance may tell you that their rates were negotiated with the provider. That is not true. Their rates are actually non-negotiable. Mr. Williams (the provider) attempted to negotiate rates in 2007 with eight insurance companies. All eight insurance companies refused to negotiate rates. They told Mr. Williams that they set the maximum rates every 1-3 years and the provider can either take them and be in network or refuse them and be out of network. Even if the provider is out of network, insurance companies still set the maximums they are willing to pay for a service. Another factor is that some insurance companies set the out of network deductibles so high that rarely would anyone receive any benefits for counseling if Mr. Williams was out of network. So Mr. Williams decided to stay in the network to benefit the clients he serves.

If you have a medical (flex) spending account or a (HSA)health savings account, you can be reimbursed for counseling expenses. Counseling is classified as a medical expense. Mr. Williams will be glad to provide you with a receipt so you can obtain reimbursements.


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