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Recreational Therapy

A very effective approach with children and some adults is recreational therapy. This approach includes using a 47 acre farm south of Mayfield. This is a partly wooded farm with over five miles of nature trails, picnic shelters, creek bridges, rolling hills, and tree stands. Hiking, listening, watching, processing, wildlife observing, and meditating may be part of the treatment program. Just getting out in nature can make it much easier to open up and process issues of concern. Getting out can give a person an opportunity to see his or her life from a different perspective and consider coping strategies that he or she may not have considered before. In nature we see the Lord's handiwork and can be reminded of how He can heal our lives when we let Him.

In the following pictures with Mr. Williams are Andrew & Adam, two friends of the family who are not actual clients. They are simulating a recreational therapy experience.

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