This is what we believe in and this influences how we approach our clients at
Williams Christian Counseling

We believe that the person is made up of many parts and the Spiritual should be the center. To truly help the person you must take into consideration all parts.

Affirms life in a relationship with God, self, community, and environment. We believe that there is only one higher power and that is of God the Father. True Spiritual maturity nurtures itself through a growing relationship with the Lord and celebrates wholeness.

Emphasizes the exploration of feelings that each individual has toward self, situations, and other people.

Relates to the understanding each individual has toward self, situations, and other people. Mental health promotes understanding of feelings and how to cope with everyday life and stress. We believe good mental health is as important as good physical health.

Encourages creative thinking and promotes lifelong learning. Helps the person develop wisdom from the Lord by which they can make sound decisions.

Relates to the physiological and functional condition of the body and how it responds to physical activity, nutrition, and disease.

Encompasses the ability to communicate, establish relationships, and live in harmony with others.

Relates to the person contributing something to society.


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