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Helping change lives by providing Christ Centered
Counseling for all issues and ages
Since 1998


Mission Statement

Williams Christian Counseling exists to meet the outpatient mental health needs of those who value Christianity. Counseling services will be provided with the highest levels of quality and confidentiality.

"Where there is no guidance, the people fall, but in the abundance of counselors there is victory." Prov.11:14


Types of Counseling Provided


Types of Consulting Provided



"I have come that they may have life, and that they
may have it more abundantly." John 10:10


What makes our service different from others?

  • We will work hard to offer you an appointment within one week of your initial contact and make follow up appointments within one week as well.

  • We can be your therapist for the long term if needed. Over the years we have noticed that many counselors or counseling services are here today and gone tomorrow. We have every intention of providing counseling until the year 2081, as long as the Lord wills and we are blessed with good health.

  • We will ponder and pray about your case between sessions.

  • We are not a preacher affiliated with a local church.

  • We provide a full hour of counseling per session to non-insurance clients who pay in full at the time of service. Many counselors only provide 45-50 minutes per session.

  • We have regular office hours and evening hours when available.

  • We do not have a secretary/receptionist, so this ensures additional confidentiality.

  • We have a home based office in a residential area of town to maximize privacy and client comfort.

  • We use prayer and scripture if you give us permission, while avoiding preaching at you.

  • We invest in the local community in many ways such as volunteering our time and making financial donations.

  • We use practicality and common sense in our counseling.

  • We approach the person as a whole being made up of many parts. We believe human beings are Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Intellectual, Physical, Vocational, and Social.


Statements from Clients - Testimonials

  • "Williams Christian Counseling is a wonderful place to receive clarity, direction, and spiritual guidance for some of the obstacles in life. Joseph is highly credentialed and has the utmost of integrity. He also provides an atmosphere where issues can be addressed in the most confidential manner. I have known Joseph for 20 plus years, and highly recommend him."

  • "Thank you for your honesty! I did not like what you had to say but I know it is what I needed!

  • "If you can handle the truth, then Mr. Williams is the counselor for you."

  • "I now have hope again, thank you for helping me find it."

  • "I'm so happy I invested in myself. Mr. Williams' counsel is worth every penny. When you invest in counseling, you make an investment in yourself!"

  • "I don't know anyone who will work harder than you."

  • "Williams Christian Counseling is the best kept secret in Western Kentucky."

  • "You give good advice, straight as an arrow."

  • "You are helping more than you may realize."

  • "Your sessions are so good that the time flies by too fast."

  • "Mr. Williams is one of the most genuine and sincere people you will ever meet."

  • "You don't just say you are a faith-based counselor, you practice it."

  • "You under promised and over delievered. I liked that!"

  • "I like how you brainstorm with us and help us see different options."

  • "You have a lot of wisdom to share, thank you."

  • Click here to view a letter of testimony from Focus on the Family

  • "Thank you for your excellent advice yesterday! Your insight is amazing! Wish I was smarter but guess that is why GOD gave us different talents! Treating her as Christ treats the Church is absolutely the right thing to do, love her as Christ loves the Church! Thank you again!"


Can you benefit from counseling?

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    Financial Concerns

    • Counseling and consulting costs are $120 per session when paid in full by cash or check at the time of service. THIS RATE IS BASED ON YOUR MEETING WITH A COUNSELOR WITH OVER 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE. Sessions paid in this manner are usually about 60 minutes. Services are to be paid in full when they are provided. If interested, ask about a discount that is available when you pay a retainer.

    • Dealing with insurance can be a time consuming process. As a result, we only accept a few cases each year in which we will file the client's insurance. If Mr. Williams agrees to accept a client with insurance, the client will be responsible for paying $120 per hour until it has been determined that the yearly deductible has been met. After the deductible has been met, the client will be responsible for paying $30 per quarter hour that goes beyond the covered time, plus co-pays. The dollar amount that the insurance actually pays Mr. Williams, determines the actual length (or covered time) of the counseling meetings. For example, if the insurance pays $60 per meeting, the client receives 30 minutes of covered time including paperwork. Services are to be paid in full when they are provided.

    • Click here to see insurance accepted

    • In addition to cash or check you may pay with a credit/debit/flex/insurance card. Card payments in the office are accepted through Square's secure service. Payments can also be accepted through Paypal's secure service. To send payments through Paypal, use our business email address-- joseph@williamscc.org to insure the payment is routed correctly. Accepting payments through these methods increase overhead costs so there is a five percent additional charge. Services are to be paid in full when they are provided.

    • Click here if you would be interested in gaining insights for the justification of charging for our services.


    Flexible Appointments

    • We accept clients by appointment only. Please phone our home office at 270-247-5667. If we do not answer please leave a message. Your message will be kept confidential according to our confidentiality policy. In addition to regular office hours we offer evening appointments when available. As of today we are accepting new clients. We will offer you an appointment within one week of your initial contact unless we are experiencing an unusual influx of new clients. If you are considering counseling, inquire today to prevent further delays in your life.


    Our Location


    For More Information Contact

  • Email - joseph@williamscc.org

  • Let us know if you would like to meet us through online video conferencing.
Currently we are not hiring staff or hosting interns.


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